Community gave a turtle back to the sea in Cham Islands


According to the Management Board of MPA in Bai Huong village (sub-region), in the morning of 11th December while fishing at southwest of the island, Huynh Minh- a fisherman in Bai Huong, had caught an alive turtle.

WP 20161211 001

WP 20161211 002


This turtle, belonging to a species of Chelonia Mydas, weighs about 7 kg and still in good health condition. The fisherman informed immediately to the staff of MPA for attaching tracking tag and giving it back to the sea. A report shows that this is the sixth turtle given back to nature by fishermen in Cham Island this year. That brings bright signals for a project of conserving and restoring sea turtles in Cham Island which has started from 2016 and commanded by Hoi An People's Commitee.

Cao Nguyen Thao Huyen – Management Board Of Cham Islands MPA

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